Christmas for refugees

Over 60 million people worldwide are on the run –
half of whom are children.

Only few of them have managed to find security in Europe and have found shelter in overcrowded refugee camps. Often having become orphans, wounded and heavily traumatized, the horror of war affects the children the hardest. How they will manage to cope with these traumatic experiences, is highly depending on the living conditions, the care and the protection they experience in the phase after their escape.

And that’s where we want to start our project "Christmas for refugees", to do our small share in making a better life possible for these children.

It's our goal to,

collect as many children´s toys as possible until Christmas and to personally hand out these toys during the Christmas holidays in the refugee camps. This way we can be certain that all those donations really completely reach the little protégés.

"Christmas for refugees" runs voluntarily –
no costs for the committee and administration


Transparency is important to us – for this reason a blog has been created where all the news and donations will be entered. Donors and helpers are welcome to support us on-site or receive imagery of the child receiving the presents.

And this is how you can help us:

Tidy out your attics, basements or children's rooms for well-preserved and functioning toys and either send them to us by post, bring them to us personally, or let us collect them within a radius of 30 km.


We will take care of the cleaning, the classification to age and gender and the wrapping of the toys, as well as getting in touch with the social council and the local refugee council.

We now hope for your energetic support by helping us with
donations, publicity, Facebook-likes etc.